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Photo: Howard Rankin

Dutch flutist Remko de Landmeter developped a flexible way of playing the flute, altoflute, bassflute, bansuri and many other flutes in improvisation and worldmusic.

The press about

Remko de Landmeter

in São Paulo, Brazil:


‘Um bálsamo para a alma’
a balm for the soul 
MediterraneanSagy Segal

Remko is flute player in the musical Les Misérables.

He is playing the c flute, alto flute, piccolo and alto recorder during the tour in The Netherlands and Belgium.


The movie ‘Wolf' tells the story of how this magnificent animal found its way back from Poland through Germany to the Netherlands and Belgium. The music is composed by Matthijs Kieboom with Remko de Landmeter on bassflute, altoflute, piccolo and Irish whistle.


Remko de Landmeter is playing all the ethnic flutes including the Japanese Shakuhachi in the filmscore of Ninjas Down the Street composed by Matthijs Kieboom.

Remko de Landmeter was flutist in the orchestra of Walt Disney's musical The Lion King in Holland 2017-2019

He was playing a wide range of flutes, bamboo flutes  and pan flutes in this score composed by Hans Zimmer and Elton John.

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