Photo: Howard Rankin

Dutch flutist Remko de Landmeter developped a flexible way of playing the flute, altoflute, bassflute, bansuri and many other flutes in improvisation and worldmusic.

The press about

Remko de Landmeter

in São Paulo, Brazil:


‘Um bálsamo para a alma’
a balm for the soul 
  • Mediterranean
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  • Sagy Segal
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The opening sequence music of the film Mata Hari, the naked spy is played by Remko de Landmeter. 

Remko de Landmeter is flutist in the orchestra of Walt Disney's musical The Lion King in Holland.

He is playing a wide range of flutes, bamboo flutes  and pan flutes in this score composed by Hans Zimmer and Elton John.